About Us

One Stop Appliance Repair Toronto has been helping all households around GTA having a hassle free life fixing appliances in a moment’s notice. We know how important appliances are in this modern era as people don’t want to use their hands to clean their dirty clothes or hands. We have a team of expert technicians that will fix all your appliances in the first attempt and will also ensure that no further problems arise in the future.

From washing machines to stoves to refrigerators, we fix all kinds of appliances of all major and non major brands. Usually residents tend to try fixing the issue themselves and in the process most times the issue gets worse. The second option they opt for is replacing it with a new one. Once you call us, we can ensure that repairing cost would be a fraction of what you will buy!

Call us anytime to get any of your appliances issues resolved in Toronto or any city around GTA! Once you call us, you will never need to call any other company again.